seamless maritime logistics & integration for the 21st century

Vessel Management

Our maritime management consultants encompass a wide variety of fields at every level from commercial shipyards to yacht brokerage. These include port management, marine equipment suppliers and manufacturers, regulatory bodies, and even off-shore drilling platforms. 2TZ consultants work to align the important maritime elements needed to close the gap between logistics, safety, and business needs. Our priority is the seamless integration of all of these factors.

We'll help make sure your vessel and operating facilities are in top operating condition and compliant with all local, federal, and international maritime laws and regulations.

maritime staffing & security

Is my vessel compliant? What are the guidelines for discharging a large volume of ballast? Operating and maintaining a ship or yacht under Environmental Protection Agency and Coast Guard regulations can be a daunting task. It requires more than skilled crews and deckhands with strong seamanship skills. 2TZ supports all aspects in the field of maritime operations including staffing, guidance on maintenance and operations, advice on yacht brokerages, rentals, commissions, and more.

Private sailing or yacht charters and leasing

Regardless of your budget constraints, we can find a charter or leasing program that suits your requirements. From 40-foot catamarans to 150-foot ocean-going yachts, we cover all facets of yachting. Planning a trip? We'll ensure that your crew meets all required regulations – from fueling to port advance notice of arrival. Our experts will even devise hurricane contingency plans as part of a comprehensive “safety-at-sea” plan.

Traveling globally? Piracy can be a real problem and we plan accordingly. We employ the latest technology for navigation, tracking, and security while underway.

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