meet deadlines. stay on budget. streamline every aspect of your project.

When you need professional commercial consulting, 2TZ can help you streamline every aspect of your construction project. We provide cost estimation, land surveys, site evaluations, contractor research, equipment procurement, and legal consultation. Our experts provide professional consultation services for the full lifecycle of your project. We work on site, hand-in-hand with the architects, contractors, and key players to ensure all phases of your project meet your deadlines and stay on budget.

We have experts in all areas of construction, including, but not limited to: site evaluation, electrical engineering, plans and architecture, civil projects, plumbing, and even green project development.

  • Staff augmentation – We help supplement project teams by placing our own subject matter experts on-site to air your project's development.
  • Dispute resolutions and claims consulting – Some projects get started, stall, or never reach completion. Whether it's unforeseen circumstances or contractor disputes, our experienced dispute-resolution personnel can help find equitable solutions to the most complex constructions-related problems.
  • Technical and engineering consulting – From conception to completion, we'll provide 360-degree on-site coverage, ensuring that all of your systems will work efficiently together.
  • Feasibility studies – We help eliminate cost overruns, materials overages, and acceptable land use by researching all these factors in advance.
  • Quality assurance and accountability – Quality assurance and accountability – By monitoring all phases of a project, we help ensure consistently high value from all associated parties and their work.
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